Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bad news...

I am afraid, I do not have good news. In July we have planned return to work in August, as you already know that did not happen... I am now a main developer of few huge projects, I tried to code something for NinYawg Adventure but it was too small to write about it here. Now I am again overwhelmed by stuff that I am doing right now in my job, and unfortunately I have to inform you guys, progress will be frozen again. Like I said before I promise to get back as soon as I can, but for now I have more important stuff to do than private game project. I really look forward to see that my game has found few fans, but life have successfully prevents me that.

Let me now say few words about technical stuff. 
Like I said there was no major changes since July, but I have done some improvements of our LD engine. It is now a bit faster. I have made some changes in Render component (finally there is a choice between draw_texture() and VBO). I have added a new funcionality to the engine - build-in panes that could be used for stuff like inventory window, menu, quest log or as a dialog box. It is independend from Android framework and it has access to all engine components from inside. It is really useful while implementing inventory window. We can make all animations we want, we could use Particle System when player decide to destroy an item for displaying animations, we also have access to our Input System so all drag&drop actions are so easy. Best thing is that we are working on actual game data, when we want to get rid of for example stone block that is in first slot of our quick bar, it will automaticaly disappear from it. We do not have to pass any additional data from one Activity to another, or stuff like that. 

Another thing that I am doing in my free time is fight with global light and day/night cycle. While in VBO mode it was not so hard, creating light for scene which is rendered by draw_texture() is a bit tricky. I hope I resolve my problems soon.

Anyway, we still do not have graphics so it is really hard to work on something that does not exist yet. But good news is, when we find some time we could finish beta version of NinYawg Adventure in 1-2 months.

See you soon! (I hope)

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