Monday, March 4, 2013

Good news ;)

Hello again!

It was almost half an year of our absence. I am aware that we did not have a large audience yet, but for all those who, by this time have been with us, we have some interesting information. 
The most important thing that we wanted to inform you about is that we decided to finish and release beta version of NinYawg Adventure in summer 2013. We have pretty much work to do, because in last 5 months we came up on few pretty fun ideas how to improve our engine and a game by itself.

This post will be just a short introduction, I will explain everything later when I find some free time. Treat that as a our TODO list before we really start to implement new features.

First of all, I just want to say if someone has an idea of things that we should implement in our game it is best time to say so. 
We still need graphics but I managed to find a guy for this task. He is already working on it, so so probably in few days we will have something to work with.

Anyway, like I said before it is just a list of things that we decided to change during the last few months.

1) RenderSystem refactoring - we are going to drop support for draw_texture extension, it was good in the matter of performance, but for our new features it will be useless... I can reveal one of them now - we decided to implement map as camera "slide out" effect, it will be hard and inefficient to scale textures drawn by a draw_texture() and animate the effect. (More new features will be revealed in next post)

2) CameraSystem refactoring - same as above, we have to change some things in order to make them work with new render system. For example: add third dimension to camera position vector, camera will be now object in 3D space. This lead us to the next point.

3) PhysicSystem refactoring - All physic objects and variables should now be able to make use of z-axis. Simple rotations or translations in 2D space will now be replaced by a matrix operations.

4) CollisionSystem refactoring - We will probably rewrite that component. We need now collision detection system in 3D space.

5) ParticleSystem refactoring - Particles will now be located in 3D space. In this game we probably going to set particles depth to constant value, but we will need to have all of our engine components prepared to work with 3D environment in the future.

6) LightningSystem refactoring - For now we are using tile-based lights, as it is not a modern approach, we will generate all lights effects using shaders. (I hope it would look better than now)

7) Refactoring of all classes, methods and engine components that works in 2D space - even if our game is going to be 2D side-scrolling game, we are changing our engine to work in 3D environment. It will help us develop some nice features. Main reason of moving everything to 3D is going to be explained in a near future.

Few other changes will be done to our engine, but we are still in the phase of thinking about that. My schedule is still fairly tight, but I will post something more as soon as I find some free time.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

More informations soon!

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