Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recent informations...

I am aware of that many of you want to know more details, not only few sentences about every component of our engine, but for now I have to do everything on my own. Rest of the team was realy busy in last month (private lives, lots of exams, etc). Besides fact that I am working in my corporation, there is also a lot of work with "NinYawg Adventure" project.
I have to write specifications and documentations, implement new functionalities, think about features that we have to add and even lead that blog on my own, so I hope you can understand that I do not realy have time for detailed speaches. But I assure you, when my team return to project, quality of this blog will raise (I am not so good at maintaining blog and my english is not perfect). Anyway since I am aware that informations on this blog are not complete, if someone wants to ask about some details I will answer as soon as I can (maybe later we will be posting more detailed informations here).

By the way, today I am leaving to vacations and I will be back 22th July. I hope when I get back I will finally get some graphics and I will move forward with project.

Most important information for today, which I left for last, is idea of developing NinYawg Adventure also on devices with Windows Phone OS! It is not 100% sure, but let's say it is 60-70% for now. I will say more about that decision after I arrive from vacations.

See you in two weeks!

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